Credits and Acknowledgements

The Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee (NPLC) proudly sponsors the exhibit about this jail’s history and reuses. The exhibit makes a case for why we should preserve the jail. The pressing question is how to do so in physical, educational, and financial terms. How can the site’s history be brought forward and to what end? How much of the existing structures can be feasibly preserved? Might it become a historical park?

Since its closure, the jail’s future has preoccupied NPLC. We believe the site carries a social history relevant to the experience of Newark residents. It introduces visitors to issues of social justice through the penal system, the design of humane prisons, Newark’s history of civil resistance in the 1960s, and the history of the Morris Canal, which it abuts. The site is also a focal point in the continuing construction of Science Park – the surrounding neighborhood of research and business incubator buildings. The large adjacent land parcel to the east presents an opportunity for future development served by two stops on the Newark Light Rail. All of these are the subject of ongoing site study through the summer and fall of 2019 with a grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust administered through NJIT’s College of Architecture and Design. We are grateful to the Columbia studio and our Executive Director Zemin Zhang and Myles Zhang to start the ball rolling again through this exhibit.*

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the following designers, donors, and designers at the Newark Preservation & Landmarks Committee, New Jersey City University, and Columbia University. All website design, texts, and images assembled by Myles Zhang.

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
Historic Preservation Studio II, Spring 2018

Madeline Berry
Xianqi Fan
Gabriela Figuereo
Shivali Gaikwad
Shreya Ghoshal
Rob Kesack
Janine Lang
Myron Wang
Maura Whang
Qianye Yu
Daniella Zamora

Belmont Freeman
Bryony RobertsMariana Avila Flynn (curatorial assistant)
Valentine Angelucci (teaching assistant)

Technical Advisors
Will Raynolds
Stratos Stylianidis
Donald Friedman
Ryan Luke Johns
Tim Michiels

Exhibition Curators
Myles Zhang
Zemin Zhang

Exhibition Designers
Shantal Henry (lead)
Monica Sarmiento
Yujin Cho

Design Advisor
Ellen Quinn
New Jersey City University
Guy Sterling

Photography Exhibit
Maureen Beitler

Text Editing
Andrew Clark
Ethan Bumas

Special Thanks
Liz Del Tufo
Anne Englot
Renee Steinhagen
Tyler Tourville


Printing and installation of panels by Visual Print Solutions







Individual Donors
Guy Sterling
Zemin Zhang



* Credit text by Anthony Schuman